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American Airlines passengers told to brace for landing in scary vid

19 January 2018 08:23:23 FOX News

A representative for the airline confirmed to Fox News that a broken fan was to blame for the incident.

Více Travel Time19 January 2018 08:23:23


Man faints on airplane, nearly causes flight to make emergency landing because of 'Aussie flu'

17 January 2018 23:55:44 FOX News

A man was flying from Scotland to England when he lost consciousness and collapsed on the plane, nearly causing the flight to make a mid-flight emergency landing.

Více Travel Time17 January 2018 23:55:44

American Airlines is going cash-free at airports

17 January 2018 10:27:06 FOX News

If you’re planning on flying American Airlines out of Miami International Airport, don’t forget your debit card.

Více Travel Time17 January 2018 10:27:06

Warm milk and missing concrete: Mar-a-Lago cited for food violations, safety issues

16 January 2018 19:29:44 FOX News

A recent inspection of President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Fla., turned up some unsettling information about the condition of the “Winter White House.”

Více Travel Time16 January 2018 19:29:44

American Airlines CEO admits he's never been on company's new plane with 'tiny lavatories'

16 January 2018 19:00:01 FOX News

Even the flight attendants are reportedly concerned over their size.

Více Travel Time16 January 2018 19:00:01

United Airlines flight diverted after 'toilets reach capacity'

16 January 2018 15:47:05 FOX News

A passenger aboard a United flight from Denver to Hawaii claims the airline “ruined a lot of people’s vacations” by failing to service the plane’s bathrooms before takeoff on Sunday.

Více Travel Time16 January 2018 15:47:05

British Airways flight grounded after bedbugs were seen 'crawling over the seats'

15 January 2018 16:40:08 FOX News

British Airways had to ground a jet after the cabin crew refused to fly on it due to a bedbug infestation.

Více Travel Time15 January 2018 16:40:08

Airline attendant warns passengers not to 'drink the coffee on airplanes'

14 January 2018 23:06:37 FOX News

An industry insider alleges that the water used is unhealthy.

Více Travel Time14 January 2018 23:06:37

Airline attendant warns passengers to not 'drink the coffee on airplanes'

14 January 2018 21:52:28 FOX News

An industry insider alleges that the water used is unhealthy.

Více Travel Time14 January 2018 21:52:28

Passenger plane skids off airport runway, dangles off cliff edge

14 January 2018 14:49:45 FOX News

A passenger jet skidded off the runway at a Turkish airport Saturday and plunged down a side of the cliff just a few feet away from the Black Sea, sparking mass panic among travelers and crewmembers.

Více Travel Time14 January 2018 14:49:45

Florida moves to ban orca shows and breeding

13 January 2018 21:46:49 FOX News

The Florida House of Representatives has presented the Florida Orca Protection Act.

Více Travel Time13 January 2018 21:46:49

Medieval Times introduces female lead for first time in 34-year history

13 January 2018 20:32:35 FOX News

Queen Dona Maria Isabella is shattering the stained-glass ceiling.

Více Travel Time13 January 2018 20:32:35

Food goes flying as Tunisair flight hits turbulence

13 January 2018 18:48:33 FOX News

Talk about losing your cookies.

Více Travel Time13 January 2018 18:48:33

Airline error results in woman's solo flight

11 January 2018 02:25:18 FOX News

Sometimes passengers can actually benefit from an airline's mistake.

Více Travel Time11 January 2018 02:25:18

Disney World monorail operated with door wide open, footage shows

10 January 2018 16:00:11 FOX News

Visitors at the happiest place on earth were in for a scare on Jan. 7.

Více Travel Time10 January 2018 16:00:11

The worst days to fly in 2018

10 January 2018 11:17:43 FOX News

This is a good time to start planning a vacation, because if you know when to fly – and just as important, when not to fly – you could save some real money.

Více Travel Time10 January 2018 11:17:43

Airline staff force stranded passengers to delete videos from phones

10 January 2018 03:44:22 FOX News

The passengers were stuck on the tarmac at Boston Logan International Airport for two hours before they were ordered to deplane.

Více Travel Time10 January 2018 03:44:22

Musicians outraged after airline severely damages 17th century instrument

09 January 2018 22:32:21 FOX News

The antique string instrument was worth over $200,000.

Více Travel Time09 January 2018 22:32:21

Flight attendants needed to reportedly fly to Area 51

09 January 2018 18:12:13 FOX News

Time to put in your two weeks' notice, extraterrestrial enthusiasts.

Více Travel Time09 January 2018 18:12:13

Jet Airways fires pilots who fought on flight, left cockpit unattended

09 January 2018 14:06:50 FOX News

Jet Airways has confirmed the termination of both the male and female pilot after reports that he slapped her mid-flight, leading both to leave the cockpit.

Více Travel Time09 January 2018 14:06:50

British Airways to remove reclining seats

09 January 2018 12:00:43 FOX News

They're hoping to slash ticket prices by making cutbacks

Více Travel Time09 January 2018 12:00:43

American tourist arrested after ingesting Viagra, stripping nude and throwing feces at Thai airport

08 January 2018 19:03:14 FOX News

Steve Cho, a 27-year-old from New York, was subdued after he was seen wandering nude through the airport, screaming incoherently, and throwing his feces.

Více Travel Time08 January 2018 19:03:14

'Unusual odor' aboard JetBlue flight prompts plane to return to Boston airport

08 January 2018 17:48:50 FOX News

An official statement from the airline says the crew on board reported an unusual odor on the plane, which caused customers and crew members to feel ill.

Více Travel Time08 January 2018 17:48:50

Taj Mahal to limit number of visitors after dangerous stampede

08 January 2018 11:29:47 FOX News

After five people were injured during a stampede at the Taj Mahal , authorities are capping the number of visitors who can enter the world-famous mausoleum each day.

Více Travel Time08 January 2018 11:29:47

Weirdest things TSA seized in 2017

06 January 2018 19:05:28 FOX News


Více Travel Time06 January 2018 19:05:28

Male co-pilot allegedly slaps female commander, leaves cockpit unattended during Jet Airways flight

05 January 2018 17:04:44 FOX News

“She stood in the galley sobbing,” said a source. “The cabin crew tried to comfort her and send her back to the cockpit, but in vain.”

Více Travel Time05 January 2018 17:04:44

Passenger gets entire plane to herself after airline books her on staff-only flight

05 January 2018 11:22:47 FOX News

Amid countless holiday-travel horror stories, one traveler provides a beacon of hope.

Více Travel Time05 January 2018 11:22:47

Spirit Airlines passenger accused of sexually assaulting 22-year-old woman while she slept

04 January 2018 22:14:39 FOX News

Prabhu Ramamoorthy, from India, was charged with aggravated sexual abuse after the 22-year-old woman accused him of putting his hand in her pants and unbuttoning her shirt.

Více Travel Time04 January 2018 22:14:39