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Medieval 'pot o' gold' discovered by construction workers

16 March 2018 17:42:32 FOX News

Just in time for Saint Patrick’s Day - two construction workers in Holland have discovered a real-life “pot o’ gold.”

Více Science Time16 March 2018 17:42:32


The new space race: Russia, US eyeing Mars

16 March 2018 16:58:43 FOX News

President Trump wants to top JFK with Mars mission, while Putin wants to find water on Mars.

Více Science Time16 March 2018 16:58:43

How Stephen Hawking transformed our understanding of black holes

16 March 2018 14:24:43 FOX News

There's a lot we still don't know about black holes, but these light-gobbling behemoths would be even more mysterious if Stephen Hawking hadn't plumbed their inky depths.

Více Science Time16 March 2018 14:24:43

Jupiter's Great Red Spot is growing taller as it shrinks... and turning orange

16 March 2018 14:24:42 FOX News

Jupiter's Great Red Spot has been shrinking for a century and a half, and in recent years it has turned a deep orange color.

Více Science Time16 March 2018 14:24:42

What changes did Astronaut undergo while in space?

16 March 2018 11:36:16 FOX News

Astronaut Scott Kelly's DNA no longer matches his identical twin. Dr. Nicole Saphier provides insight on 'Fox & Friends First.'

Více Science Time16 March 2018 11:36:16

Dead Sea Scrolls set to go on public display for first time in Denver

15 March 2018 22:32:20 FOX News

Two manuscripts from the Dead Sea Scrolls are set to go on public display for the first time ever in Denver this week.

Více Science Time15 March 2018 22:32:20

Astronaut Scott Kelly is no longer an identical twin: How a year in space altered his DNA

15 March 2018 20:56:47 FOX News

In March 2016 NASA astronaut Scott Kelly returned to Earth after a historic 340-day stint on the International Space Station a changed man – his time in orbit had permanently altered part of his DNA.

Více Science Time15 March 2018 20:56:47

Microsoft enables ALS patients to make music with eyes

15 March 2018 19:36:04 FOX News

Microsoft showcases eye-controlled music making software during SXSW.

Více Science Time15 March 2018 19:36:04

NASA: Astronaut's DNA no longer matches his identical twin's

15 March 2018 16:32:42 FOX News

Dr. Marc Siegel explains why Scott Kelly's DNA changed after a year in space.

Více Science Time15 March 2018 16:32:42

Scientists are bashing iguanas' heads in Florida

15 March 2018 16:03:26 FOX News

Scientists are sometimes tasked with saving animals from extinction.

Více Science Time15 March 2018 16:03:26

Saturn's icy moon Dione shines in stunning Cassini photo

15 March 2018 14:21:08 FOX News

The battered face of Saturn's frigid moon Dione gets a close-up in a gorgeous photo by NASA's Cassini spacecraft.

Více Science Time15 March 2018 14:21:08

Meet 'Steve,' the aurora-like mystery scientists are beginning to unravel

15 March 2018 14:06:34 FOX News

New work helps to codify the cause and properties of "Steve," an aurora-like phenomenon documented by citizen scientists as it streaked across the sky in western Canada.

Více Science Time15 March 2018 14:06:34

Mysterious Milky way signal comes from the past, not dark matter

15 March 2018 14:06:33 FOX News

A mysterious cosmic signal radiating from the center of our Milky Way galaxy is actually triggered by ancient stars, rather than dark matter, according to a new study.

Více Science Time15 March 2018 14:06:33

Elon Musk calls for colony on Mars to prevent new dark age

15 March 2018 13:22:30 FOX News

Worried about the future? Well, so is Elon Musk. During his speech at SXSW, Elon Musk spoke out against the dangers of A.I. and a third world war.

Více Science Time15 March 2018 13:22:30

Scientists discover 15 new planets, including 'super-Earth' that could harbor liquid water

14 March 2018 18:30:31 FOX News

Scientists have discovered 15 new planets, including a “super-Earth” that may have liquid water on its surface.

Více Science Time14 March 2018 18:30:31

Stephen Hawking unlocked a 'universe of possibilities,' NASA says

14 March 2018 14:07:34 FOX News

Tributes are pouring in for famed physicist Stephen Hawking, who died early on Wednesday. He was 76 years of age.

Více Science Time14 March 2018 14:07:34

This Jurassic-era dinosaur could probably fly

13 March 2018 20:27:02 FOX News

The question as to whether the Jurassic-era Archaeopteryx was able to fly has long baffled paleontologists. Now, new research may have unveiled the answer.

Více Science Time13 March 2018 20:27:02

Nor'easter uncovers 'ghost tracks' on New Jersey beach

13 March 2018 19:50:19 FOX News

The famed ghost tracks of Cape May' have been uncovered by the recent nor’easter that pummeled the east coast. The 30 feet of steel track on Higbee Beach is all that remains of a rail line that once served as support for sand mining and munitions testing facilities during World War I.

Více Science Time13 March 2018 19:50:19

Florida fishermen have close encounter with great white shark

13 March 2018 19:13:26 FOX News

A group of men fishing off Florida's Atlantic Coast had a close encounter on Monday with a 14-foot great white shark which one called a "humbling experience."

Více Science Time13 March 2018 19:13:26

Fishermen encounter huge great white shark off Florida coast

13 March 2018 18:44:10 FOX News

Massive shark circles boat giving group of fishermen quite a thrill.

Více Science Time13 March 2018 18:44:10

Phoenix Lights: What caused one of the world's largest UFO sightings?

13 March 2018 16:39:41 FOX News

Thousands of people reported seeing a string of bright “orbs” flying across the sky. Decades later, they are still the subject of intense speculation.

Více Science Time13 March 2018 16:39:41

NASA reveals 'hammer' plans to prevent an asteroid from killing humanity

13 March 2018 14:57:10 FOX News

Terrified of an asteroid hitting Earth and wiping us all out? Fret not: NASA has a plan.

Více Science Time13 March 2018 14:57:10

Gigantic monster fish washes up on Australian shore, baffling locals

13 March 2018 14:57:09 FOX News

A monster fish that weighs about 330 pounds and was about 6 ½ feet long was found washed up on the Australian shore Tuesday.

Více Science Time13 March 2018 14:57:09

Giant alien planet may lurk inside star's lopsided dust structure

13 March 2018 14:57:09 FOX News

The Hubble Space Telescope recently discovered a star surrounded by a huge dust structure that stretches about 150 billion miles across.

Více Science Time13 March 2018 14:57:09

Massive, 6-inch hairy spider saved from mind-blowing Australian flood

13 March 2018 13:36:30 FOX News

It really does sound like something from a horror movie: a giant spider larger than a man’s hand, which makes loud hissing sounds and has powerful long venomous fangs.

Více Science Time13 March 2018 13:36:30

Astronaut Scott Kelly answers: Are aliens real?

12 March 2018 19:05:39 FOX News

Astronaut Scott Kelly answers some of the questions you were too embarrassed to ask.

Více Science Time12 March 2018 19:05:39

Skunks invade small New Mexico town

12 March 2018 17:37:50 FOX News

Hagerman, New Mexico, a small town in the state’s southeast, has a yearly visit from skunks and rattlesnakes that come looking for food.

Více Science Time12 March 2018 17:37:50

Zoo forced to put all its mammals on birth control

12 March 2018 17:15:52 FOX News

Thanks, in all likelihood, to a tuberculosis-infected badger, a zoo in England has had to put 60 mammal species on birth control via injections, implants, tablets, and IUDs, the BBC reports.

Více Science Time12 March 2018 17:15:52

Elon Musk: First Mars trip could end in death

12 March 2018 17:08:30 FOX News

SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk says the first trip to Mars will be a dangerous one that could end with death.

Více Science Time12 March 2018 17:08:30

Elon Musk: SpaceX plans to launch rocket to Mars in 2019

12 March 2018 16:17:20 FOX News

Elon Musk's goal is to put 1 million people on Mars.

Více Science Time12 March 2018 16:17:20