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Make a Difference: Norwich Salvation Army

14 December 2017 20:01:13 The Day RSS Feeds - All News

Make a Difference: Norwich Salvation Army

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Derbygate latest: Proposal to remove utilities commissioners in works

26 April 2017 20:18:26 News - The Bulletin

The commissioners were travelers to the May 2016 Kentucky Derby with the Connecticut Municipal Electric Energy Cooperative, a $342,000 trip that has drawn fire since it was first reported by The Bulletin in October.

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Lack of ethics panel keeps 'derbygate' scandal out of Jewett City

19 April 2017 00:41:18 News - The Bulletin

As the ethical consequences of “Derbygate” roil Norwich and the City of Groton, the issue is “dead in the water” in Jewett City, even though borough Department of Public Utilities officials were implicated in the scandal.That’s according to Jewett City Warden John Connelly, who says there’s little the borough can do because it doesn’t have an ethics commission to formally consider the issue. The controversy stems from revelations about

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Calls grow for NPU leadership shakeup following Derbygate

05 April 2017 13:09:11 News - The Bulletin

NORWICH — Another member of the City Council is publicly calling for Norwich Public Utilities General Manager John Bilda and other NPU officials involved in the controversial May trip to the Kentucky Derby to be removed."I think anyone on the NPU board should be dismissed, I believe Mr. Bilda should be fired," Alderman Bill Nash said. "We should start from scratch. Anyone on the board prior to the Derby should be gone."On Monday, Nash and fellow Republican aldermen

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City Council votes to recommend 'Derbygate' travelers repay costs

04 April 2017 12:46:57 News - The Bulletin

The City Council on Monday night voted 5-1 to recommend that the officials who violated the city's ethics code by going on the May 2016 Connecticut Municipal Electric Energy Cooperative trip to the Kentucky Derby be required to repay the full per person cost of attending, along

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Groton City to investigate possible ethics violations in Derbygate trip

18 March 2017 01:10:43 News - The Bulletin

GROTON — The Ethics Board for the City of Groton this week found there is probable cause that three city officials violated the Groton code of ethics by attending a lavish May 2016 trip to the Kentucky Derby that was hosted by the Connecticut Municipal Electric Energy Cooperative.At its March 15 meeting the board unanimously approved resolutions addressing possible violations by Groton Utilities General Manager Ronald Gaudet, Groton Utilities General Manager of Finance

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4 could face more Derbygate sanctions

18 February 2017 23:51:33 News - The Bulletin

NORWICH — The city’s Ethics Commission has ruled that five Norwich officials violated the city’s ethics policy when they went on a trip in May to the Kentucky Derby. Their recommendations will be forwarded to the City Council for review and possible action.But those officials could face further ethics reviews for previous trips – either by the Ethics Commission or the City Council itself.The city's charter gives aldermen broad powers to

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Norwich City Council will determine sanctions for 'Derbygate' ethics violations

15 February 2017 01:59:24 News - The Bulletin

 NORWICH — Monday's Ethics Commission ruling that the mayor and four Norwich Public Utilities officials violated the city's code of ethics by attending a May trip to the Kentucky Derby is not the end of what critics have called the 'Derbygate' saga. It will largely be up to the City Council to determine how to respond to the Ethics Commission's recommended sanctions for the five officials, including Mayor Deb Hinchey and NPU General Manager John Bilda.

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Top 10 STORIES OF 2016: No. 2: Derbygate puts key Norwich officials on ethics hot seat

31 December 2016 00:48:34 News - The Bulletin

NORWICH — The final months of 2016 saw key officials in Norwich, Groton and Jewett City become embroiled in controversy over their attendance on a lavish $342,000 trip to the Kentucky Derby that was paid for by a regional energy cooperative based in Norwich.Dubbed 'Derbygate' by public critics, the Connecticut Municipal Electric Energy Cooperative's May 5-8 trip to Louisville,

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Parking regulations in effect in Norwich

17 December 2016 17:35:52 The Day RSS Feeds - All News

Parking regulations in effect in Norwich

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