21 movies that will make you laugh, cry or roll your eyes on Valentine's Day

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14 February 2018 19:11:37 CNN.com - RSS Channel - Entertainment

Prepare yourself for the hysteric ugly crying you're about to endure. Full article on 21 movies that will make you laugh, cry or roll your eyes on Valentine's Day

Vice Entertainment Time14 February 2018 19:11:37


Cool Valentine’s Day dates beyond dinner and a movie

1.1611643 09 February 2018 20:37:18 FOX News

February 14 will be here in a heartbeat.

Vice null Time09 February 2018 20:37:18

Hooters will give you free wings on Valentine's Day if you shred a picture of your ex

1.159342 07 February 2018 11:07:03 FOX News

Who doesn't love free chicken?!

Vice All News Time07 February 2018 11:07:03

Open Table will let you make reservations at White Castle for Valentine's Day

0.8891467 06 February 2018 22:45:40 FOX News

Nothing says ‘Be mine’ quite like a burger and fries.

Vice All News Time06 February 2018 22:45:40

Will This Lefty Netflix Movie Make You Cancel Your Subscription?

0.797297 03 July 2017 04:01:57 FOX News

Vice All News Time03 July 2017 04:01:57

Can you be allergic to Valentine's Day

0.77590966 14 February 2017 11:18:34 FOX News

Many people are quite surprised each year that instead of being a special, amorous day, Valentine’s Day may be a source of dismay when it becomes a potpourri (literally) of surprising and unexpected allergy triggers for many allergy sufferers.

Vice All News Time14 February 2017 11:18:34

No One Cares What You Do But Your Story Could Make Them Cry

0.73025745 20 July 2016 17:44:50 FOX News

There's something far more powerful at work in our daily business interactions.

Vice null Time20 July 2016 17:44:50

YOUR VOICE: What would you like your mate to do for you on Valentine’s Day?

0.71875 15 February 2016 20:04:37 The Atlanta Voice stories: News

Corey Barksdale, Decatur “It’s pretty simple. I am not that complicated a person. What makes me happiest is when someone makes a really nice meal. One of my favorite dishes is lasagna so if my girlfriend makes it, I will be happy.”

Vice All News Time15 February 2016 20:04:37

The best romantic movies and Valentine’s Day etiquette

0.7103217 12 February 2016 18:39:37 Trumbull Times

HAN Arts & Leisure with Sally Sanders, Steve Coulter and the “Reel Dad,” Mark Schumann,... The post The best romantic movies and Valentine’s Day etiquette appeared first on Trumbull Times .

Vice null Time12 February 2016 18:39:37

Top Valentine's Day movies to watch this weekend

0.68975395 12 February 2016 15:46:48 www.oanow.com - RSS Results in news* of type article

Looking for something to do Valentine’s Day? Check out these lists of movies that are sure to satisfy your romantic, or not so romantic, desires.

Vice All News Time12 February 2016 15:46:48

Valentine's Day Dining For You And Yours

0.68975395 26 January 2016 20:51:04 CTNOW - CT Now

Celebrate with your love this Valentine's Day weekend with indulgent multicourse dinners, unique sweet treats and, of course, foods with aphrodisiac qualities. And because Feb. 14 falls on a Sunday, several restaurants are offering special brunches. Arugula, 953 Farmington Ave., West Hartford,...

Vice All News Time26 January 2016 20:51:04