British screen industry launches guidelines about harassment

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14 February 2018 17:44:44 - RSS Channel - Entertainment

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) and the British Film Institute (BFI) on Wednesday issued the first set of guidelines to tackle harassment and bullying in the screen industries. Full article on British screen industry launches guidelines about harassment

Vice Entertainment Time14 February 2018 17:44:44


British lawmakers could be expelled over sexual harassment

0.8103023 08 February 2018 10:59:41 FOX News

A cross-party working group is recommending that Britain's Parliament adopt formal procedures for dealing with sexual harassment complaints after a survey found one in five parliamentary workers had experienced or witnessed such behavior in the past year.

Vice All News Time08 February 2018 10:59:41

Harassment allegations continue to spread across industries

0.8103023 27 October 2017 01:51:48 FOX News

The latest target of sexual harassment allegations is 'Game Change' co-author Mark Halperin; Howard Kurtz provides insight on 'Special Report.'

Vice All News Time27 October 2017 01:51:48

Twitter launches new tools to fight harassment

0.7936961 15 November 2016 16:28:52 World business news -

Read full story for latest details.

Vice Bussines Time15 November 2016 16:28:52

New guidelines break down screen time for children by age

0.67525196 21 October 2016 15:33:18 FOX News

An influential group of doctors has revised its long-standing recommendation regarding the amount of screen time children should have per day.

Vice null Time21 October 2016 15:33:18

FDA issues new guidelines on salt, pressuring food industry

0.67525196 01 June 2016 16:44:02 News - The Bulletin

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration is pressuring the food industry to make foods from breads to sliced turkey less salty, proposing long-awaited sodium guidelines in an effort to prevent thousands of deaths each year from heart disease and stroke. The proposed guidelines released Wednesday are voluntary, so food companies won't be required to comply. But the idea is to persuade companies and restaurants — many of which have already lowered sodium levels

Vice All News Time01 June 2016 16:44:02

New guidelines suggest depression screenings for new moms

0.65142524 27 January 2016 11:01:34 Birmingham News latest RSS headlines - Birmingham

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - If you've got kids or have friends who do, chances are you know a mom who's struggled with postpartum depression. There’s now more hope and help.The ...

Vice All News Time27 January 2016 11:01:34

Questions and answers about new UK drinking guidelines

0.6460264 08 January 2016 17:50:25 - RSS Results in news,news/* of type article

LONDON (AP) — British health officials say drinking any alcohol regularly increases the risk of cancer, and have issued tough new guidelines that could be hard to swallow in a nation where having a pi

Vice All News Time08 January 2016 17:50:25

Yale: cancer-screening guidelines may play role in decline in screening rates

0.64145464 30 September 2015 06:23:16 RSS Feed from The Middletown Press:

Declines in several key cancer-screening procedures among the elderly can be linked to shifts in screening guidelines issued by major public health organizations, according to recently released findings by Yale researchers. James Yu, associate professor of therapeutic radiology at the

Vice All News Time30 September 2015 06:23:16

British American Tobacco is launching “Banderol” on their packaging

0.64145464 15 August 2015 21:35:44 US News latest RSS headlines - The US

Rothmans In their contribution to fight illicit trade, British American Tobacco Egypt (BAT) in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance represented by the Taxation Authority, launched the new ...

Vice All News Time15 August 2015 21:35:44

Gov't dietary guidelines might hurt beef industry, by stressing environment impact

0.62151444 02 January 2015 21:05:12 FOX News

Where's the beef? A panel that advises the Agriculture Department appears set to recommend that you be told not only what foods are better for your own health, but also for the environment. That means that when the latest version of the government's dietary guidelines comes out, it may push even harder than it has in recent years for people to choose more fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains and other plant-based foods -- at the expense of meat.

Vice All News Time02 January 2015 21:05:12