Yet another tourism finalist

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13 February 2018 17:57:44 News - The Helena-West Helena World - Helena, AR

Every year the Arkansas Delta Byways Tourism Association recognizes individuals, organizations, businesses, and events that capture the spirit of the Delta region. This year Helena is proud to announce that the Art Architecture Tours of St. Full article on Yet another tourism finalist

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State Keeps Tight Lid on Tourism Finalists

1.7003155 17 April 2017 18:21:37 Daily Report -

Did you see that announcement about the three finalists chosen for the state’s richest advertising contract — the $14 million-a-year pact for marketing the Arkansas Department of Parks Tourism? Neither did anybody else. No announcement was made, and the state won’t be naming the three agencies picked to make oral presentations until it chooses a winner. The news lid is tight, with state bidding documents defining loose talk as a disqualifying offense. Still, whispers among advertising pros suggest that CJRW, the incumbent firm with decades of experience handling the account, is one of the contenders. Another appears to be DG Collaborative, a partnership between Natalie Ghidotti of Ghidotti Communications in Little Rock and John Deveney of New Orleans, who handles marketing for the New Orleans Convention Visitors Bureau. The third finalist is likely to be one of seven out-of-state firms, advertising sources say. Some of the big names on that list include Birdsall Voss of Milwaukee, TM Advertising of Dallas, The Atkins Group of San Antonio and The Zimmerman Agency of Florida. The state is seeking a single agency after decades of splitting the Parks Tourism work between CJRW and the digital firm Aristotle Inc. of Little Rock. In the last contract, CJRW handled $11.7 million of the annual total to Aristotle’s $1.5 million. Aristotle chose not to compete for the work this time. Jake Bleed, aforementioned spokesman for the Office of State Procurement, said by email that the state would not “disclose the finalists” nor notify firms that didn’t make the cut — annoying several ad executives, including one who said a heads-up would have been nice “just as a signal to go on with other work.” Bleed said the state’s technical evaluation committee had scored initial proposals on a scale of 696 points, and the three highest scorers will give presentations worth a maximum of 104 points. “After that, the costs of the three proposals will be scored,” Bleed said, with 200 points possible. “To determine the winning proposal, we’ll add the three components — technical score, presentation, cost.” Vendor names will not be released until a victor is announced. “This is following the requirements of the code, for what it’s worth,” he said. Time is short; the contract is scheduled for review by the Arkansas Legislative Council for 30 days before taking effect July 1, the beginning of fiscal 2018.

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Sunshine State has another banner year for tourism

1.5973802 16 February 2017 11:13:06 - RSS Results in news,news/* of type article

MELBOURNE, Fla. (AP) — Florida had another record-setting year for tourism despite natural disasters, a virus outbreak and a tragic attack on an Orlando nightclub.

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Planners face yet another decision

1.4567854 29 January 2017 17:03:17 News

For the second time since last October, home and property owners told the Russellville Planning Commission on Monday they did not approve of a proposal to rezone land at Marina Road and Jennifer La...

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Zimbabwe adds yet another currency

1.4567854 28 November 2016 19:11:16 World business news -

Zimbabwe has started printing bond notes back by U.S. dollars in a bid to ease a crippling cash shortage.

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Can Egyptian tourism survive another disaster?

1.4567854 19 May 2016 17:38:21 World business news -

Read full story for latest details.

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There's yet another way to hack a car

1.4567854 12 August 2015 03:05:00 World business news -

The latest way to remotely hack a car? By sneaking into one of those plug-in tracking devices that offer you a car insurance discount.

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In the FCS Huddle: Similar yet different finalists

1.4567854 31 December 2014 15:32:46 FOX News

Philadelphia, PA ( - His team lost in the round of 16 of the FCS playoffs, yet Northern Iowa football coach Mark Farley says his team has made a strong case to be voted to the top 5 in the final rankings.The Panthers boast a strong argument

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Moon benches his way to yet another win

1.3516084 14 July 2014 06:13:48 Sports News

Georgia IronDawg Tim T Moon of Gainesville made it three wins in four weeks Saturday when he took the Equipped while wearing a special benchpress compression shirt Benchpress title in the Bash for Cash put on by the Elite Powerlifting Federation in Lebanon, Tenn.

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Yet another Republican compares gay Americans to pedophiles

1.3516084 26 June 2014 14:03:00 US News latest RSS headlines - The US

Advocates for gay and lesbian North Carolinians are calling on House Speaker Thom Tillis to explain his position on LGBT issues after inflammatory remarks on the House floor debate Tuesday by ...

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Yet another controversy in the White House

1.2486732 03 June 2014 04:47:54 FOX News

Talking Points 6/2

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