Omarosa used 'strictly forbidden' White House car service for her commute: report

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13 February 2018 17:56:09 FOX News

Former Trump aide and recurring reality television contestant Omarosa Manigault-Newman was fired last year after improperly using the official White House car service, according to a new report. Full article on Omarosa used 'strictly forbidden' White House car service for her commute: report

Vice null Time13 February 2018 17:56:09


Omarosa: 'Big Brother' co-stars want to 'stab her in the back' like at White House

1.0448307 08 February 2018 05:24:08 - RSS Channel - Entertainment

During the season premiere of "Celebrity Big Brother" Wednesday night, former White House aide Omarosa Manigault-Newman did not hide her true feelings when it came to her recent stint in Washington.

Vice Entertainment Time08 February 2018 05:24:08

Omarosa: White House lacks diversity

1.0440631 15 December 2017 18:58:42 - RSS Channel - US

Former Donald Trump aide and reality television star Omarosa Manigault Newman spoke out about a lack of diversity in the White House on ABC's "Nightline."

Vice All News Time15 December 2017 18:58:42

Omarosa ousted by Kelly in White House Situation Room, despite her denials

0.9358889 15 December 2017 00:33:56 FOX News

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly personally told former "Apprentice" star Omarosa Manigault Newman that her White House employment had been terminated, despite her insistence to the contrary.

Vice null Time15 December 2017 00:33:56

Secret Service pushes back on report Omarosa 'physically dragged' from White House grounds

0.9358889 14 December 2017 00:39:52 FOX News

There might be more to Omarosa’s ‘resignation’ than meets the eye.

Vice All News Time14 December 2017 00:39:52

Report: Omarosa 'physically dragged' from White House grounds

0.8796847 13 December 2017 21:47:58 FOX News

There might be more to Omarosa’s ‘resignation’ than meets the eye.

Vice All News Time13 December 2017 21:47:58

Omarosa put on White House 'no-fly list' to keep her away from Trump: report

0.810086 09 September 2017 21:13:07 FOX News

Omarosa Manigault appears to have run afoul of new White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, who has taken steps to limit her access to President Trump as he tries to bring discipline to a chaotic West Wing, according to a news report.

Vice All News Time09 September 2017 21:13:07

White House's Omarosa Manigault jeered during panel talk

0.7487111 12 August 2017 20:48:38 FOX News

White House official Omarosa Manigault-Newman clashed with a veteran news anchor during a panel discussion on policing in black communities held at the largest gathering of black journalists in the country.

Vice All News Time12 August 2017 20:48:38

Omarosa vs. April Ryan: War of words between White House official, reporter

0.7483794 15 February 2017 00:50:36 - RSS Channel - Entertainment

Vice Entertainment Time15 February 2017 00:50:36

Omarosa discusses her new role in the Trump White House

0.70374775 05 January 2017 04:29:52 FOX News

Former 'Apprentice' contestant goes on 'The Kelly File'

Vice null Time05 January 2017 04:29:52

Omarosa gets a job in Trump White House

0.6943594 04 January 2017 21:56:42 FOX News

Former “The Apprentice” contestant Omarosa Manigault has landed a job in the Donald Trump administration, as part of a new wave of White House hires announced Wednesday by the transition team.

Vice All News Time04 January 2017 21:56:42