New 'Roseanne' trailer addresses huge plot hole: 'I thought you were dead'

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13 February 2018 17:30:05 FOX News

A new trailer for ABC's "Roseanne" reboot has teased new information on Dan Conner's mysterious death. Full article on New 'Roseanne' trailer addresses huge plot hole: 'I thought you were dead'

Vice Entertainment Time13 February 2018 17:30:05


'Roseanne' revival promos wink at the show's plot holes

0.9399171 27 December 2017 03:53:09 FOX News

In the first live-action look at the upcoming “Roseanne” revival on ABC, the show pokes fun at its own plot holes while bringing the Conner family back together in the famed living room.

Vice Entertainment Time27 December 2017 03:53:09

Pennsylvania police chief to woman wanted on drug crimes: 'I have known you since you were a teenager'

0.5514197 30 October 2017 02:52:34 FOX News

In a Wednesday Facebook post, Bridgeville police chief Chad King asked for help in locating 32-year-old Latoya Marie Rosiek.

Vice All News Time30 October 2017 02:52:34

Cowboys WR Ryan Switzer: "Security guard thought I was the new kicker"

0.47334772 12 June 2017 06:35:55 FOX News

Cowboys WR Ryan Switzer: "Security guard thought I was the new kicker"

Vice null Time12 June 2017 06:35:55

Roseanne Barr says 'of course I want to do' a 'Roseanne' reboot

0.47334772 30 April 2017 15:22:25 FOX News

ET confirmed on Thursday that an eight-episode revival was 'in the works.'....

Vice Entertainment Time30 April 2017 15:22:25

Three dead after tractor-trailer hits car in New York

0.4564946 01 June 2016 18:44:39 FOX News

Three people – including one child – were killed early Wednesday morning when their disabled vehicle was rear-ended by a tractor trailer in New York, a state police spokesperson told News 12.

Vice All News Time01 June 2016 18:44:39

In 1938 The New York Times Thought Cheeseburgers Were a Weird New Fad

0.4248892 06 June 2015 16:05:55 US News latest RSS headlines - The US

chopped salad at lunch as "trends" can be hilarious and infuriatingly obvious. But while their pieces perhaps aren't exactly timely, they will certainly make for interesting ...

Vice All News Time06 June 2015 16:05:55

Wife of New York bikers' beating victim: 'I thought we were going to die'

0.41095528 20 May 2015 04:08:36 News - CTnow

The wife of a man beaten by a group of motorcyclists wept on the witness stand Tuesday as she recalled her family's car being set upon by angry bikers during a motorcycle rally that took over New York City streets.

Vice All News Time20 May 2015 04:08:36

Passenger on diverted SkyWest flight: 'I thought we were done'

0.4069773 24 April 2015 15:55:54 - RSS Channel - US

Larry Johnson remembers the fear and feeling of helplessness from being on the SkyWest Airlines flight that made an emergency landing in Buffalo, New York.

Vice All News Time24 April 2015 15:55:54

Huge pileup on I-81 in New York state

0.35982558 07 February 2015 10:29:13 The Day RSS Feeds - All News

Cars and tractor-trailers are tangled up Friday after a huge pileup on Interstate 81 near Sandy Creek, N.Y. State troopers said the northbound lanes of the highway were closed from Exit 37 in the...

Vice All News Time07 February 2015 10:29:13

‘I thought I was dead’ says beaten American-Arab teen Tariq Abu Khdeir

0.35910165 08 July 2014 14:18:49 US News latest RSS headlines - The US

For a second, Tariq Abu Khdeir, 15, thought he had died as he regained consciousness from a beating he suffered at the hands of Israeli police on Thursday, during a riot in Jerusalem’s Shuafat ...

Vice All News Time08 July 2014 14:18:49