This electronic skin may help prevent robots from crushing us

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13 February 2018 17:30:05 FOX News

A metallic robot hand with "Terminator"-like power sounds good for the movies. But what about a real-life future where that android is now cradling your baby or just shaking your hand? That's when attributes like "gentle" and "sensitive" might be more warranted to avoid a human-crushing outcome. Full article on This electronic skin may help prevent robots from crushing us

Vice null Time13 February 2018 17:30:05


Feeding your baby this peanut powder may help prevent a peanut allergy

1.0137166 29 September 2017 16:10:02 FOX News

This is big news!

Vice All News Time29 September 2017 16:10:02

The tastiest way to prevent skin cancer

0.77185 21 July 2017 18:10:07 FOX News

There’s new research on the health benefits of everyone’s favorite nightshade just in time for tomato season.

Vice All News Time21 July 2017 18:10:07

Teens from Burundi in US for robotics competition missing

0.7672013 21 July 2017 14:49:38 FOX News

Fears they may no longer be in the country, two were spotted crossing Canadian border

Vice null Time21 July 2017 14:49:38

How to prevent skin cancer

0.7466609 31 May 2017 22:04:08 FOX News

Before heading to the beach and slathering yourself with sunscreen doctors warn to check your skin for unusual moles

Vice null Time31 May 2017 22:04:08

US may add airports to electronics ban

0.71218026 05 April 2017 21:29:48 - RSS Channel - US

The US may expand the number of airports affected by a ban on large electronics in carry-on luggage, Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly said Wednesday, based on a "real" threat.

Vice All News Time05 April 2017 21:29:48

Airline bans electronic devices on flights to and from US

0.6870511 20 March 2017 21:59:50 FOX News

Royal Jordanian Airlines claims devices were banned following instructions from U.S. officials; Jennifer Griffin reports from the Pentagon

Vice All News Time20 March 2017 21:59:50

University's mind-controlled robotic arm may help paralyzed patients

0.65332824 15 December 2016 15:34:23 FOX News

Researchers have created a mind-controlled robotic arm they believe will help millions of paralyzed patients or those with a neurodegenerative disease.

Vice null Time15 December 2016 15:34:23

Skin patches may help kids' peanut allergies, study says

0.65020525 31 October 2016 12:36:11 - RSS Channel - US

Peanut allergies are among the most serious food allergies, requiring constant vigilance. In severe cases, exposure to even trace amounts of the nut can trigger a deadly reaction. But according to a new study published last week in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, a tiny skin patch may help treat peanut allergies.

Vice All News Time31 October 2016 12:36:11

NASA's 'blue collar robot' may help astronauts colonize Mars

0.6432083 04 October 2016 17:57:31 FOX News

What if we could trim that extra weight, launch with minimal resources, and collect the rest of what we need from along the way? That type of travel is called 'massless' and it's likely the future of space exploration.

Vice Science Time04 October 2016 17:57:31

Simple steps can help prevent skin cancer, other skin damage

0.6432083 23 April 2016 14:06:43 - RSS Results in news,news/* of type article

The pollen has come and the sunlight is beaming, which are both signs that spring is here and summer is on its way.

Vice All News Time23 April 2016 14:06:43