Lawmakers in Hawaii, Washington calm residents after false missile alarm, plan to investigate incident

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13 January 2018 23:45:46 FOX News

President Trump and Capitol Hill lawmakers were immediately briefed Saturday on the false alarm in Hawaii for a ballistic missile attack, including Hawaii Democratic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard who said she was trying to calm fears and “get to the bottom” of the mishap. Full article on Lawmakers in Hawaii, Washington calm residents after false missile alarm, plan to investigate incident

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Top official resigns, worker fired after false missile alert in Hawaii

1.6489702 31 January 2018 00:51:30 The Day RSS Feeds - All News

Hawaii's emergency management leader has resigned and a state employee who sent an alert falsely warning of an incoming ballistic missile has been fired

Vice All News Time31 January 2018 00:51:30

Hawaii 'button-pusher' refuses to work with investigators after false missile threat alert, official says

1.4608452 26 January 2018 03:04:04 FOX News

The infamous “button-pusher” who sent out a false missile alert that caused chaos across the Hawaiian Islands earlier this month is now refusing to work with the Federal Communications Commission as it conducts an investigation.

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Hawaii left reeling after missile threat false alarm

1.2389166 21 January 2018 05:37:01 FOX News

'The Greg Gutfeld Show' panel shares their reaction.

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Pornhub usage spiked in Hawaii after false ballistic missile alert

1.0949757 18 January 2018 16:34:35 FOX News

Pornhub reported the traffic on its website during the ballistic missile alert in Hawaii dropped but shot back up after the alarm was found to be false.

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Japan TV issues false missile alert days after Hawaii error

1.0037881 16 January 2018 17:16:09 FOX News

Greg Palkot reports on the mistake made by the nation's top public broadcaster.

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U.S. Reviews Emergency-Alert System After Hawaii False Alarm

0.9126568 15 January 2018 12:05:51 FOX News

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FOX NEWS FIRST: Trump turns tables on Dems on DACA; Hawaii missile false alarm under investigation

0.9126568 15 January 2018 11:20:34 FOX News

Plus, a plea to stop politicizing Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Vice All News Time15 January 2018 11:20:34

Jim Carrey and other stars share updates from Hawaii following ballistic-missile false alarm

0.87598056 15 January 2018 02:49:14 FOX News

Jim Carrey, Magic Johnson and Diana Ross were among the celebs who went ducking for cover during the ballistic-missile false alarm in Hawaii, according to reports.

Vice Entertainment Time15 January 2018 02:49:14

Lawmakers plan hearing this week amid false missile alert

0.85984725 15 January 2018 00:13:22 FOX News

Will Carr reports from Honolulu, HI

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Hawaii false alarm prompts plans for FCC investigation

0.85984725 14 January 2018 11:44:23 FOX News

Saturday's errant ballistic-missile alert to cellphones, televisions and radio stations in Hawaii has officials in Washington planning to find out what went wrong.

Vice null Time14 January 2018 11:44:23