False alarm: Hawaii officials mistakenly warn of inbound missile

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13 January 2018 23:23:57 The Day RSS Feeds - All News

Hawaii emergency management officials said a push alert that warned of an incoming ballistic missile to Hawaii on Saturday was mistake Full article on False alarm: Hawaii officials mistakenly warn of inbound missile

Vice All News Time13 January 2018 23:23:57


Panic in the Pacific: Hawaii mistakenly warned of inbound missile

5.1284595 16 January 2018 20:55:42 News - Hope Star - Hope, AR

Cell phone alert sends residents into a full-blown panic as Emergency Management Agency tries to determine how it happened

Vice All News Time16 January 2018 20:55:42

Hawaii’s not the first false alarm to cause a panic

3.9853075 15 January 2018 20:52:00 FOX News

From false missile launch alerts to tsunami warnings, a look at past false alarms that have caused a panic

Vice null Time15 January 2018 20:52:00

Hawaii's false missile alert: FCC chief warns about 'Boy Who Cried Wolf' effect

3.9853075 15 January 2018 15:59:55 FOX News

It was a false alarm this time, but if it happens again, don’t consider it a joke.

Vice null Time15 January 2018 15:59:55

FOX NEWS FIRST: Trump turns tables on Dems on DACA; Hawaii missile false alarm under investigation

1.3298817 15 January 2018 11:20:34 FOX News

Plus, a plea to stop politicizing Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Vice All News Time15 January 2018 11:20:34

Jim Carrey and other stars share updates from Hawaii following ballistic-missile false alarm

1.3298817 15 January 2018 02:49:14 FOX News

Jim Carrey, Magic Johnson and Diana Ross were among the celebs who went ducking for cover during the ballistic-missile false alarm in Hawaii, according to reports.

Vice Entertainment Time15 January 2018 02:49:14

Family fled for safety during Hawaii's false alarm

1.3298817 14 January 2018 15:41:35 FOX News

Couple describes taking their kids to shelter after receiving 'terrifying' alert.

Vice null Time14 January 2018 15:41:35

Opinion: I was in Hawaii during the false alarm

1.1728005 14 January 2018 13:04:53 CNN.com - RSS Channel - US

I could tell something was wrong the moment my wife stepped into our hotel room.

Vice All News Time14 January 2018 13:04:53

Obama-era Pentagon official knocks Trump for golfing during Hawaii false alarm

1.1693203 14 January 2018 07:14:53 FOX News

Hawaii’s botched missile alert Saturday gave a former Obama administration official an opportunity to tee off on President Donald Trump -- even though the false alarm was a state-level gaffe.

Vice null Time14 January 2018 07:14:53

Vacationer describes reaction to Hawaii's false alarm

1.166568 14 January 2018 02:28:58 FOX News

Ballistic missile warning system misfires.

Vice null Time14 January 2018 02:28:58

Lawmakers in Hawaii, Washington calm residents after false missile alarm, plan to investigate incident

1.1463554 13 January 2018 23:45:46 FOX News

President Trump and Capitol Hill lawmakers were immediately briefed Saturday on the false alarm in Hawaii for a ballistic missile attack, including Hawaii Democratic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard who said she was trying to calm fears and “get to the bottom” of the mishap.

Vice null Time13 January 2018 23:45:46