Instead of criticizing Trump on immigration issues, we should thank him for doing his job

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13 January 2018 21:46:50 FOX News

President Trump is following the law. He understands that his most important job is to protect our national security and the safety, jobs and economic security of the American people. Improving border security is a vital step in achieving these goals. Full article on Instead of criticizing Trump on immigration issues, we should thank him for doing his job

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Trump defends his criticism of Sweden's immigration policies

1.344533 07 March 2018 01:45:19 - RSS Results in news,news/* of type article

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump praised Sweden as a close ally Tuesday, but he also said he had been right in his criticism of the country's immigration policies.

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Ingraham: Illegal immigration and the jobs we can't do

1.344533 14 February 2018 04:45:16 FOX News

The inflow of cheap immigrant labor hurts Americans who actually will do the jobs that Democrats like Sen. Dick Durbin turn their nose up at.

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Sen. Cardin: We should allow Mueller to get his job done

0.9823494 29 January 2018 20:54:36 FOX News

On 'The Daily Briefing,' the Maryland senator weighs in on the immigration debate and foreign policy.

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Trump quiets his critics by floating immigration deal, but infuriates his base

0.9773631 11 January 2018 10:20:03 FOX News

Well, he didn't look like a guy who was utterly incapable of doing his job.

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Rep. Jim Jordan: We want Sessions to do his job

0.8920721 05 January 2018 19:03:50 FOX News

On 'Happening Now,' the congressman talks about pressuring the DOJ and FBI for answers.

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Rep. Kildee: Mueller should be allowed to do his job

0.80476433 30 December 2017 20:43:23 FOX News

Michigan congressman discusses the Russia investigation and the congressional agenda for 2018 on 'America's News HQ.'

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Radio station denies ex-host's claims Trump criticism cost him his job

0.79847896 20 June 2017 21:22:33 FOX News

The general manager of a Pennsylvania radio station is denying one of their former host's claims that he lost his job for criticizing President Trump.

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Ryan says Trump should let Mueller do his job

0.79847896 13 June 2017 17:09:34 News - The Bulletin

House Speaker Paul Ryan says the White House and President Donald Trump should let the special counsel's investigation continue, and await vindication.

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EPA tries to praise Trump's climate order, ends up criticizing him instead

0.72914904 31 March 2017 19:29:39 News - The Bulletin

The Environmental Protection Agency wanted to highlight some of the praise President Donald Donald Trump has received for his new executive order rolling back climate change regulations. So on Thursday the EPA did what government agencies do whenever the president signs a new policy: sent out a news release loaded with glowing quotes from supporters.Only one of the quotes - the first on the list, to be exact - wasn't so glowing."With this Executive Order, President

Vice All News Time31 March 2017 19:29:39

Do you think President Trump should rewrite his immigration order, or fight it in court?

0.71322757 13 February 2017 13:58:57 FOX News

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