Documentary shows never-before-seen footage from front lines

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13 January 2018 20:32:35 FOX News

Executive producer of 'Chain of Command' explains. Full article on Documentary shows never-before-seen footage from front lines

Vice All News Time13 January 2018 20:32:35


Botticelli show features works never before seen in the US

1.8737785 13 April 2017 06:56:10 FOX News

A new exhibition of Sandro Botticelli's paintings, including some never seen in the U.S., will give museumgoers a glimpse into the artist's own search for sanctity.

Vice All News Time13 April 2017 06:56:10

Never-before-seen cars at the New York Auto Show

1.8737785 12 April 2017 14:29:00 FOX News

DRIVEN Public Relations CEO Mike Caudill has the sneak peek

Vice All News Time12 April 2017 14:29:00

Never-before-seen photos of The Beatles

1.8737785 21 March 2017 16:30:30 - RSS Channel - Entertainment

Photographer David Magnus unveils unseen photos of one of The Beatles' most famous live performances.

Vice Entertainment Time21 March 2017 16:30:30

New Footage from Ferguson Documentary Suggests Michael Brown Made Drug Deal Before Shooting Death

1.5614821 13 March 2017 07:54:44 FOX News

Vice All News Time13 March 2017 07:54:44

Never-before-seen clip from 'Hillary's America'

1.378844 02 August 2016 05:37:47 FOX News

Dinesh D'Souza dispels myths about one of the most frequent Democratic attacks on Republicans; filmmaker sounds off on 'The Kelly File'

Vice All News Time02 August 2016 05:37:47

Sydney as you've never seen it before

1.2317536 05 May 2016 15:44:46 - RSS Channel - Sport

Recent podcasts: Bernie gets the Axe | Blindsided: How ISIS Shook The World | Graham Opposes GOP Leader

Vice Sport Time05 May 2016 15:44:46

Man unearths dad's never-before-seen footage of JFK

1.2225918 12 June 2015 09:32:37 - RSS Channel - US

When his father gave him a box of old home movies, Steven Smirco popped a tape in his VCR and sat down to relive his childhood.

Vice All News Time12 June 2015 09:32:37

Swarms you've never seen before

1.2225918 06 March 2015 20:22:09 - RSS Channel - US

A swarm of insects tends to startle us -- chaotic yet organized, fascinating and beautiful.

Vice All News Time06 March 2015 20:22:09

Ukraine rebels seen withdrawing heavy weapons from front line

1.1703068 27 February 2015 13:52:03 News - CTnow

Separatist fighters in east Ukraine moved rocket launchers to a location 43 miles back from the front line with government troops Friday in the first confirmed compliance with a cease-fire agreed earlier this month.

Vice All News Time27 February 2015 13:52:03

VIDEO: watch never-seen-before 'seadevil' footage

1.1668005 30 November 2014 17:45:35 News - Nevada County Picayune-Times - Prescott, AR

Never-seen-before footage of the deep sea anglerfish captured nearly 2,000 feet below the ocean's surface. It was filmed by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute.

Vice All News Time30 November 2014 17:45:35