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Mike Huckabee attempts joke

06 February 2017 22:13:39 Arkansas news, politics, opinion, restaurants, music, movies and art, Arkansas Times

Mike "Chuckles" Huckabee has held positions of power and has an ongoing post as a roving C-grade celebrity. As such, he's had a lifetime of people pretending to laugh at his jokes, a dynamic that has confused the Huckster. Huckabee thinks he's funny. It's sad. Huckabee likes to test out his material on Twitter. He recently offered up the diss above, making fun of Sen. Chuck Schumer for becoming teary-eyed when he spoke about the murder of his family members in the Holocaust. Huckabee suggested that Schumer should take a role in the film "Boys Don't Cry," a film telling the true story of Brandon Teena, a young transgender man who was brutally raped and murdered. The exclamation mark really sells the joke's setup. Huckabee, of course, never cries. That's why they call him Chuckles. Anyhoo, the comedian Cameron Esposito was inspired by Huckabee to push a fundraising effort for Trans Lifeline , a crisis line for the transgender community. Seems like a good cause! Donors, also inspired by Huckabee, raised $13,000 for Trans Lifeline in memory of Teena as of yesterday; they're hoping to raise more today. There may be human beings out there who think that Mike Huckabee is funny. It's a big world. If so, they must be the right-wing equivalent of liberals who like the cutting-edge rhythms of Prairie Home Companion? I don't know. It takes all kinds.

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Mike Padgett Highway widening nears completion

10 September 2016 03:56:37 Minorities

Officials hope the upcoming completion of Mike Padgett High­way’s widening project will dramatically increase safety in that area. The project is about 80 percent finished with completion expected Dec. 2, according to Kyle Collins, a spokesman for Georgia Department of Transportation. read more

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Mike Huckabee to visit Alabama Thursday

04 November 2015 19:04:36 Birmingham News latest RSS headlines - Birmingham

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) - Republican presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee is visiting Alabama. Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill announced that the former Arkansas governor will ...

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GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee visits Dothan on Alabama tour

02 October 2015 04:16:12 - RSS Results in news,news/* of type article

Republican presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee is glad he isn’t leading in the polls.

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Mike Huckabee is a lying sack of ......

26 September 2015 00:05:00 Arkansas news, politics, opinion, restaurants, music, movies and art, Arkansas Times

Breitbart loves some Mike Huckabee so we presume it quoted him correctly in coverage of a "Values Voters" summit here: A huge part of his message is his experience fighting who may very well be the Democratic nominee. “I’ve been fighting the Clintons all of my political life,” he said. He recalled how the Clintons would touch down on Air-Force One and campaign for his hand-picked opponent. In his first year in office he installed an 800 number for corruption that resulted in 1,000 phone calls and eventually 15 indictments of Clinton cronies. The Clintons never campaigned for Nate Coulter, who Huckabee narrowly beat in a critical race for lieutenant governor that elevated Huckabee to governor's chair on Jim Guy Tucker's resignation. But never mind that. The vaunted gubernatorial hotline produced little or nothing. Huckabee in fact refused to release records of what it produced, probably for that very reason. The indictments he took credit for? Utter horse manure. He refers to the indictment of Nick Wilson and other Democratic legislators in schemes to divert state money to legal service programs. I was there. I know exactly what happened. I got a tip that turned into a Doug Smith story about a crooked legal services program. It was huge. The roaches started running for cover. Supreme Justice Tom Glaze was outraged by legislators who'd tried to profit off a legal services program that mirrored one favored by the court but killed by legislators hoping to get rich with their own. He called Pulaski Prosecutor Larry Jegley, a Democrat, who jumped on the case and soon found it was bigger than his office's capabilities, encompassing the two federal districts of Arkansas, from Texarkana to Blytheville. He went to U.S. Attorney Paula Case y, an appointee of President Bill Clinton . Enter the FBI. The result was a sweeping public corruption indictment. Mike Huckabee hotline? It didn't have an effen thing to do with it. Here's some history on the Huck hotline. I called Jegley today to be sure I hadn't done damage to the facts in reciting events. He confirmed. He added: "Nothing ever came to my office or to my knowledge any other prosecutor's office as a result of a tip from that hotline," Jegley said.

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The two faces of Mike Huckabee

08 June 2015 14:08:42 Arkansas news, politics, opinion, restaurants, music, movies and art, Arkansas Times

B ob Moser writes a lengthy cover story for the National Journal as a liberal about his long attraction to Mike Huckabee's populist tendencies balanced against Huckabee's increased pandering to a narrow religious base. Moser's bottom line: It's impossible to run two campaigns at once. And that's what Huckabee is trying to do—selling his take on economic populism to working-class and middle-class Republicans, yet simultaneously fear-mongering evangelical Republicans into viewing him as their champion. The target audiences have plenty of overlap, of course. But you'd have to possess alchemical political skills beyond even Huckabee's to make these two campaign themes blend into a smooth and convincing package. You can't sell hope and despair, or empowerment and victimhood, all at the same time. You can't convince people to see the government as their friend when you're also telling them it's out to extinguish the practice of Christianity. You can hear the dissonance as Huckabee campaigns: The day after his Cedar Falls speech, Huckabee was still carrying on about religious liberties at his first stop—"I do believe there is an assault against the basic fundamental liberties of the United States that we have never seen before"—when he attempted an awkward transition: Not only is the country "spiritually sick," he said, but also "economically sick." From there, he was off and running about the loss of manufacturing jobs and the evils of trade. I feel pretty confident in asserting that Huckabee is losing no sleep over the dissolution of his liberal fan club. We weren't exactly his target audience. But Huckabee once had the potential to be a transformational figure, the Christian populist who could spark a true debate within the GOP about economics and the size of government—and now he has painted himself into a corner that probably makes this impossible. Which is a shame, if you ask this liberal. It's still the case that nobody in American politics can give a more powerful, persuasive populist testimony than Mike Huckabee. But who can hear it anymore? You'll find a bit of both Hucks in our cover story this week by Leslie Newell Peacock, too. But you'll find the mean-spirited, covetous, graspy,, finger-to-the-wind Huckabee more than you'll find him in Moser's piece. Huckabee has cultivated Moser, I judge by his private interview before a Washington media meet up. He calls out the cops on us. There are those two faces again. But you know us. Fair and balanced. Give Moser's long rundown of Huck's policy views a look.

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The 'bipolar' Mike Huckabee

03 June 2015 20:11:28 Arkansas news, politics, opinion, restaurants, music, movies and art, Arkansas Times

Medicaid expander, Obamacare opponent. Man from Hope, mansion in Florida. Child health proponent, Duggar apologist. by Leslie Newell Peacock Former Arkansas Gov. and would-be-U.S. President Mike Huckabee is no longer an unknown quantity to the nation the way he was in 2007-08, when as a candidate for the Republican nomination for president he charmed the pants off many in the national press. What a gift of gab! What an affable man of the people! He plays bass and guitar! He seems so genuine! A man of the cloth! We in Arkansas knew better. We knew he loved loot and Velveeta cheese, got his back up easily, didn't think much of women's rights or environmentalists and denigrated homosexuals with references to "Adam and Steve." We knew about his "Action America" fund that channeled dollars from R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. to prop him up after his failed Senate race. We knew he prevaricated. We knew about Wayne DuMond. We knew the former Baptist preacher could be dismissive of the constitutional separation of church and state, recalling that as lieutenant governor he took advantage of Gov. Jim Guy Tucker's out-of-state trip to the doctor to declare "Christian Heritage Week" in 1994. And that he could be silly, when as governor he demanded legislators replace the words "acts of God" from an insurance bill with "natural disasters" so as not to insult the Almighty. We called him the Huckster, the Huck-a-buck, the Rev.-Bro.-Gov. Part of Huckabee's appeal for the uninitiated back then was that, while he talked a lot about God, he seemed comparatively moderate. He even claimed to be a personal friend of Bill Clinton's, said he could work with Democrats. He espoused a progressive bent toward foreign policy, suggesting the U.S. should put more "wing tips" on the ground than boots next time we thought about starting a war. That glibness didn't offend; it amused. Today, he's still glib, but his message is more strident: "We will deal with jihadis just as we deal with deadly snakes" he posted on his Twitter account (a format made in Heaven for the former Baptist preacher) just the other day. Is this a new Huckabee, or the old Huckabee unfettered, emboldened by the Tea Party, his own political instincts to stand out from the crowd and the rise of a populace that would elect an insect to office if it had an R after its name? In 2008, Huckabee was mostly known as the former governor of Arkansas, another man from Hope, one who claimed to have grown up in a house with dirt floors. Now he's the man from Santa Rosa Beach, Fla., living in a $3 million, six-bedroom, 8,224-square-foot beach mansion. He's claimed he and his wife, Janet, always wanted to live where they could dip their toes in salt water. Water that laps the shores of a state that does not levy an income tax is especially alluring. Once the failed presidential candidate Huckabee took a job with Fox News in 2008, he dropped the moderate mantle for the most part. Today he is as far out as he was once thought to be a middle-of-the-road populist, with a little Chuck Norris thrown in for machismo and Ted Nugent for ... well, who knows why. When Huckabee surprised with his win in Iowa in 2008, the Washington Post described him as a "Disneyland Pat Buchanan," a candidate "whose down-home folksiness makes Thompson look like David Niven." This year, however, after the former talk-show host said the "homosexual agenda" was out to destroy Christianity and shut every church in Christendom, even someone as right wing as the Post's George Will called Huckabee "appalling." Huckabee really went off the rails recently when he decided to defend Josh Duggar after the news broke about Duggar's teenage fondling of his little sisters and his molestation of an older girl. Duggar acknowledged wrongdoing and resigned from the anti-gay hate group the Family Research Council. Huckabee, who once compared Arkansas Times senior editor Max Brantley to Jeffrey Dahmer, attacked the "bloodthirsty press" for revealing Duggar's history of sexual abuse, because, after all, Josh said he was sorry and look at what a good guy he's become, promoting "family values" and going after heretical queers. Huckabee's Facebook-posted defense riled up several former supporters, their objections much like this one: "Our family met you and campaigned for you in Iowa in 2008 — we will not be supporting you in 2016 for the sole reason of your support of the Duggars. ... Shame on you, a pastor, for dragging the name of Christ through the mud by focusing on and supporting the offenders rather than the victims." And this one: "So much for God, guns, grits and gravy. Pffffft family values. Sick just sick." And this, by Caleb Rountree of Denver, formerly of North Little Rock: "Mr. Huckabee, do you remember signing a bill into law protecting child victims of sexual and physical abuse? I do. Because I was standing next to you when you signed it, as a victim of sexual and physical abuse in Arkansas. I am disgusted, hurt and personally offended by these comments. I thought you were better than this, but I was wrong." But, had they been paying attention, would they be surprised that Huckabee was more concerned about Josh Duggar's reputation than the girls he fondled? Where were they when, in 2014, Huckabee spouted off that women who use birth control could not "control their libidos" and were so weak-minded that they could be brainwashed by Democrats into believing "they are helpless without Uncle Sugar coming in and providing for them a prescription"? Huckabee's insensitivity to women's issues is of long-standing: No change there. In December 2006, as Huckabee first made real noise about a run for the Republican presidential nomination, the Times' Brantley and Ernest Dumas wrote a "primer on the Huckabee tenure," which they headlined "Ask us about our governor." It outlined how Huckabee, who came into office declaring he was going to curb Medicaid spending (dollars that were going to irresponsible women who insisted on having children without the means to pay for them), encountered child advocate Amy Rossi on his road to Damascus and expanded Medicaid services to children under ARKids First. Huckabee once espoused the need for health insurance for all Arkansans. Now he wants to do away with the Medicaid expansion that is the Affordable Care Act. Though he'd rather folks didn't know it, Huckabee also raised motor-fuel taxes to pay for public education and fended off a bill to cut grocery taxes because there was no corresponding tax increase to make up for lost revenues. Huckabee has taken flak from the right for his support of tax measures. (In fact, thanks to taxes enacted under Huckabee, the state's revenues grew 75 percent in 10 years, as Brantley and Dumas reported in their primer.) These days, Huckabee paddles mightily to muddy the waters of history, claiming he was the "first governor in the history of my state to ever lower taxes, the first one in 160 years." Nonsense. Or as Dumas once wrote, "Bipolar politics has always been Huckabee's strongest suit. No one is better at saying one thing, doing the opposite and getting credit for both, of talking small government and actually promoting big government." On some issues, Huckabee seems to have mostly stayed the course. He is still drinking the brand of "Jesus juice" that makes him sympathetic to immigrant children, a position that famously put him at odds with the ultra-right in Northwest Arkansas. He makes up for this today by attacking border security as incompetent at keeping out the bad guys and saying companies that hire undocumented immigrants should be prosecuted. It makes one wonder. As the Wall Street Journal, which once skewered Arkansans in its editorial pages, might ask, "Who is Mike Huckabee?" Because some of his Facebook fans seem surpris

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Mike Huckabee, the Other Man from Hope, Opens 2016 Run

05 May 2015 20:39:45 Daily Report -

Declaring Tuesday that he can bring "the kind of change that truly can get America from hope to higher ground," former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee declared his Republican candidacy in the hometown he shares with former President Bill Clinton.

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Mike Huckabee is running for president

05 May 2015 18:14:40 Arkansas news, politics, opinion, restaurants, music, movies and art, Arkansas Times

Livestream is here for Mike Huckabee's announcement that he is running for president. He served up plenty of red meat and Real America cultural signaling. Liveblog notes below. LIVEBLOG: Tony Orlando is warming up the crowd. Heh. This has a pro-wrestling/Vegas vibe, doesn't it? Huckabee's base is best described as "people who vacation in Branson." This is actually even more schmaltzy than I was expecting. Real America! BREAKING: Huckabee is from a town called Hope. Orlando plays an encore ballad, which he wrote for Huckabee, which I think was called "America is my hometown." Now Gov. Asa Hutchinson takes the stage. Gets less applause than Orlando. Hutchinson: "I saw Mike Huckabee go from a candidate to a leader to a governor to a great national spokesman on the national stage." "We are here today to tell you that Arkansas is on your side," Hutchinson says. Janet Huckabee comes out to "This is my town." Lot of towns. She says that if you had a fantasy dinner party with the founding fathers you would have to tell them that the Constitution was being trampled and it would be a bummer. "Where is the passion?" she asks. Tells the crowd they need to have the passion of the nation's founders. She says, "America is a great story, but it can be greater." Huckabee's video: he's going to defeat the evil of radical Islam, restore values to Washington D.C., and keep gubmint's hands off Medicare and Social Security. Huckabee comes out to "we want Mike" chant. Huckabee: "I always believed that a kid could go from Hope to higher ground." Says in Hope he learned the Pledge of Allegiance, the preamble to the Constitution, and the Lord's Prayer. He prayed all day long and concluded that America was so exceptional, it must be because it was blessed by God. And he says he spent a lot of time with guns and fishing poles. Big applause for mentions of God and guns. No mention of grits or gravy. Huckabee is funny and folksy. He's good at this. I expect he'll be able to rally the old base in Iowa at least. "We were promised hope but it was just talk," Huckabee says of Obama. Says he's the real man to offer Hope. I guess because he's from a town called Hope. If you did a drinking game on the word "hope," you're now drunk. Huckabee taking the populist approach: talking about stagnant wages, student loan debt, housing prices, a fair shake for the working class. Of course, he says government programs are not the answer. Strongly states that he will protect Social Security and Medicare benefits. This is the sweet spot for Huckabee: evangelical voters who want their retirement benefits. Opposite pole from the party's economic libertarian wing (the Club for Growth is vowing to fight Huckabee). Huckabee says Obama has been soft on terrorism and radical Islamists: "I wonder if he could watch a Western from the 50s and figure out who the good guys and the bad guys are." Says if he is elected president "we will conquer Jihadism." He would deal with them as if they were "deadly snakes." He loves Israel. "Hell will freeze over" before Iran gets a nuclear weapon. Huckabee affirms that he will "never, ever apologize for America." Says we've abandoned "Biblical principles" and are now worshipping the "false God" of the courts. They cannot overturn "the laws of nature." He'll push for term limits. Says holding an office should be public service rather than a lucrative endeavor. Ha. Huckster is just a humble servant, you see.

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In Hope, Mike Huckabee Poised to Launch 2nd White House Bid

05 May 2015 16:39:12 Daily Report -

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee is preparing another bid for the Republican presidential nomination, eight years after his first run.

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